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2023 Workshops now available on YouTube

Recordings of 2022 conference material are available on YouTube.


Discovery in the life-sciences increasingly relies on quantitative analysis of microscopy images. The 2023 virtual event “Halfway to I2K”, to be held from October 17th-19th, will therefore feature in-depth interactive workshops covering state-of-the-art open-source solutions for biological image reconstruction and analysis. It will be an event to learn about and discuss forward looking strategies for dealing with the ever-increasing amount of large and content rich microscopy imagery.

As all major open-source platforms for bioimage analysis will be represented including many in the image.sc forum, this will be a great opportunity to learn how to use the best software tools for your research and how to get involved in their development! We will have an exciting range of developers and adopters in the field of computational image analysis participating in the workshop, both as tutors and participants.

The event is called “Halfway to I2K” since it is between I2K 2022 and I2K 2024, which will be happening in Fall 2024 at Human Technopole in Milan, Italy. The intention is for the community to meet every 2 years in-person, with a virtual “Halfway to I2K” in between.

If you have questions please contact us at i2kconference@gmail.com


The program for I2K 2023 consists of live workshops from presenters around the globe during the 3 days of the event. See here for the schedule. In some cases, pre-recorded workshops will be made available before the event, and links will be found here, as well as on the I2K YouTube Channel.

Full Program: Workshops

Helpful “Tips & Tricks” for Zoom Events


For tutorial presenters

I’m a developer of an open source tool that I want to teach people about- how do I get involved?

Please sign up via the Airtable link above! You will be asked for a bit of demographic information, as well as information about the workshop you plan to teach, specifically

  • The title and presenter list
  • A brief (2-5 sentence) description of your workshop
  • Keywords associated with your workshop
  • Pre-workshop instructions for attendees, as well as how much they should expect to interact in your workshop (is it a general overview/demo, or an interactive hands-on-workshop)
  • The target audience (beginners, intermediate users, advanced users, and/or developers)
  • When you plan to host this, and how long it will be

Can this be anytime on October 17th-19th?

Yes! You can host this workshop in any time that works well for you to teach it in. We very much hope to have tutorials appropriate for all time zones!

Will only one tutorial be happening at a time?

No, not necessarily - since each tutorial presenter signs up for the time best for them, there may be some times with no tutorials running and some with many running simultaneously. A calendar with live updates will be available on the I2K website - the earlier you sign up, the earlier that people can know when your tutorial is (and adjust their time accordingly if needed).

Can I submit more than one tutorial for my tool/tutorials on more than one open-source tool?

Yes, please do!

How many people should I expect to show up?

The distributed way this is run will make it hard for us to say this for sure, but last year’s I2K meeting attracted several hundred total attendees. We will be asking attendees to indicate interest in particular tutorials ahead of time, but we will not be controlling who finally shows up on the actual day.

For tutorial attendees

How do I sign up to attend I2K 2023?

More information on how to register will be released in September, but please do feel free to mark your calendars now!

What do I need to do to prepare?

This will depend on the tutorial in question! The tutorial presenter should indicate this in the information when they post their tutorial.

When will the tutorial for [my favorite tool] be held?

That’s really up to the creators of that tool! The website will be updated on a rolling basis as sessions are submitted. If you can’t make the time chosen, we will be encouraging tutorial presenters to record their workshops for upload afterward.

Do I need to indicate ahead of time which session(s) I plan to attend?

It won’t be required, but will definitely help the tutorial presenters plan, so once registration is live, we strongly encourage you to do so! More instructions will be released when registration opens.


2023 I2K Organizing/Scientific Committee:

Nikki Bialy, BINA, Morgridge Institute for Research
Beth Cimini, Broad Institute of MIT
Kevin Eliceiri, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Vanessa Orr, BINA, Morgridge Institute for Research
Thomas Pengo, University of Minnesota


Bioimaging North America
BioImaging North America (BINA)

Center for Open Bioimage Analysis
Center for Open Bioimage Analysis (COBA)

The Society for Knowledge Exchange in Bioimage Analysis

Code of Conduct

We have adopted the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative’s Community Participation Guidelines; by participating in this conference you agree to abide by these. If you need to contact the organizers to discuss a violation of these guidelines, please reach out to eliceiri@wisc.edu or i2kconference@gmail.com


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Questions about I2K? Please contact us at: i2kconference@gmail.com